RAID Storage Calculator

For more information on RAID types, read our RAID Guide.

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RAID Configuration

Available Space
Used For Redundacy
Hot Spare
Unallocated Space

*The theoretical read and write speeds are based only on the typical speeds for a drive of that type.
They do not take into account the RAID Controller or System bandwidth and performance, or the overhead to manage the disks and RAID. So this figure could vary significantly.
As an example, a 16x PCIe 3.0 Slots max bandwidth is 15.75 GB/s, anything above that will require multiple controllers. If using NVMe or PCIe storage, for full bandwidth you will need four dedicated CPU lanes for each device.

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VAULT Series

At DVS we recognise the need for high performance mass storage in the events and fixed installation environments that many of our servers are used in. We are offering a range of NAS media storage servers in order to accommodate this requirement. All media / videos / images / data can be stored in one redundant location to allow rapid access from all media servers to distribute new and updated content.

If you don't see a storage server that matches your requirements please contact us directly. We can custom build one for you!