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BrightSign digital sign controllers are reliable, non-PC solutions perfect for driving any stand-alone or networked display. Each BrightSign model is packaged with features and connectivity options for specific applications, so you pay only for the features you need. From basic looping models to full interactivity and networking, BrightSign has a solution for you.

Easy to Use

BrightSign digital sign controllers truly make deploying digital signs a breeze. Everything you need is included - the hardware, the software and the networking.

Powerful Zones and Synchronization

Powerful, sophisticated digital signs using multi-zone screen layouts or synchronization of multiple displays can be designed with ease using BrightSign digital sign controllers.

Interactivity and Control

BrightSign can easily engage your audience by adding interactivity to digital signs with buttons, touch screens and more.

Versatile Networking Options

BrightSign's networking capabilities, make it easy to change what's being displayed without having to physically go to the controller.

Astonishing Full HD Quality

Every one of the BrightSign models support full HD at 1080p resolutions, ensuring your stunning sign content is in the only thing in the spotlight.

Reliable Solid State Media Player Platform

BrightSign digital sign controllers deliver high reliability due to its solid state media player platform and its slim, robust operating system designed specifically for digital signs - not a set of PC applications.