Latest News ( 08/09/15 )
DVS BladeHDs Deliver a Cutting Edge Exhibit - Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

Latest News ( 08/09/15 )
WatchOUT for the Rugby World Cup 2015

Latest News ( 08/09/15 )
DVS Launch the Razor LoPro v5

Latest News ( 23/10/14 )
New BladeHD Firmware now released

Latest News ( 24/09/14 )
Introducing the new DVS Client Area

Latest News ( 24/09/14 )
MST Hubs

Latest News ( 24/09/14 )
DVS Launch the Razor LoPro v4

Latest News ( 07/04/14 )
BrightSign To Release First 4K Digital Signage Product

Latest News ( 10/06/13 )
WatchOUT 5.5 is Released

Latest News ( 24/04/13 )
DVS appointed 7th Sense Delta Reseller

Latest News ( 17/01/13 )
BladeHD's used to celebrate 150th anniversary of the London Underground

Latest News ( 11/01/13 )
Final Testing of BladeHD Latest Firmware

Latest News ( 11/01/13 )
Special Discounted Pricing - BrightSign

Latest News ( 15/11/12 )
BrightSign to Launch Powerful New XD Product Range.

Latest News ( 15/11/12 )
DVS Build WatchOUT 5 Pro Systems for Creative Technology, California.

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Who Are DVS?

For the past 17 years DVS have been the leading force in the Digital arena. The team within DVS are visionaries having a full wealth of knowledge regarding Digital Video. Using this knowledge DVS have developed and implemented cost-effective solutions for their high profile client base by providing tomorrows technology today.

DVS specialize in delivering Digital Video solutions, from development and system building, writing control delivery software and installation by supplying a package which encompasses all aspects of Digital Video.

*****Whats been hot for DVS and our clients this year!!*****

So far it has been a successful nine months in supporting our client tenders and projects through the supply of our products and services.
In many cases we delivered to our clients systems within required time-scales and on budget.

So a big thank you to our current clients.

We strongly believe that going that extra mile by fully supporting our client base ensures the DVS stand out from the crowd. This way of thinking is so important and in this current climate even more important. DVS can only be successful if our clients are successful, this intern leads to profit and longevity in business. DVS never forgets how we can make or save our clients money.

DVS have traditionally supported system integrators and service providers. DVS strive to push the boundaries in the Display, Broadcast and Systems arenas. DVS concentrate on do what we do best, focusing on building solutions for their client base. DVS have always defined the standard within the digital arena by employing its creativity, experience and wealth of knowledge from within.

Set up in 1997, Digital Video Systems, DVS, operate in three main areas;- Display, Broadcast and Support from its Weybridge base. DVS provide seamless equipment and solutions that easily blends with our clients infrastructure. Retail users of DVS systems include Baby TV, Camelot, Cube-Music, Gap, Going Places, Debenhams, HMV, Levi Regent Street, Nokia, Woolworths, World Duty Free, Safeway, Top Shop, Orange, Nokia, Post Office and more. DVS systems are also dominant in museums, from Cadburys World and HMS Victory to NASA, the Tate and the National Science, History and Maritime Museums.

We deliver complex client solutions with seamless simplicity. Our systems and software do just this. Your objective is to manage and grow your business. Our objective is to give you the tools to create success. We never forget that your success is our success.

DVS cut through all the complexities and technical jargon of digital network deployment. We explain, create and deliver in without fuss in very simple concise terms.

Today's environments are intensely competitive. Time is limited. Distractions plentiful. Success is measured by the ability to capture, hold, and stimulate the minds and imaginations of your customers.

DVS will help you achieve this.

DVS operate in three main areas successfully creating the experience. The experience is now recognised as one of the most important elements for any environment whether retail, themed attractions or museums. DVS facilitate this experience to your clients through stimulation, information, interaction and reward via the medium of digital imagery.

Our dedicated teams will help you create the experience!

DVS Display, focuses on;-
Retail, Museums & Attraction Centers

Design, development and supply of store and forward and replay systems with its Blade, Razor, SD & HiDEF DIGIsTOR hardware technologies, powered by BladeRUNNER HeadEnd transmission and control software. By having an unrivalled knowledge in the retail, themed and museum arenas, DVS offer consultancy and installation services thus providing the total package.


Design, development and supply of systems and software. From HD and 4k CreationSTATION's systems, DVD Authoring and Emulation systems to DigiFRAMESTOR/DigiEMULATOR hardware, HD Digital Storage and 3D Rendering systems. We designed, developed and built the ground breaking Beambox for the Mill's, Beam TV and the BLADE for Framestore's, Front.

DVS Support, focuses on;-

We know what you want because we are your customers too! We want to be excited, entertained, simulated, made to feel welcome and important. Happy clients spend money and buy into the brand experience.

PlayOUT and HeadEND Content Delivery Management
We can create, collate and manage your brand and estate. This is achieved by delivering your message clearly and creatively to your client at the right time in the place.

Full Estate Support
This is essential to a seamless smooth reliable service. DVS have a wealth of experience in managing and delivering digital content to the Retail and Broadcast industries.

Site Installation
Understanding your requirements and delivering on-time installations is key to yours and our success. We achieve this by working with you, the client.

Hardware and Software Coding
We write software in-house, therefore we can react and support your requirements quickly without fuss.

We employ engineers that are highly experienced within their fields of speciality. If you have an interesting project, why not try us, we love a challenge!

DVS Brands & Partners

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