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DVS BladeHDs Deliver a Cutting Edge Exhibit - Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

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WatchOUT for the Rugby World Cup 2015

Latest News ( 08/09/15 )
DVS Launch the Razor LoPro v5

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New BladeHD Firmware now released

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Introducing the new DVS Client Area

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MST Hubs

Latest News ( 24/09/14 )
DVS Launch the Razor LoPro v4

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BrightSign To Release First 4K Digital Signage Product

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WatchOUT 5.5 is Released

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DVS appointed 7th Sense Delta Reseller

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BladeHD's used to celebrate 150th anniversary of the London Underground

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Final Testing of BladeHD Latest Firmware

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Special Discounted Pricing - BrightSign

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BrightSign to Launch Powerful New XD Product Range.

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DVS Build WatchOUT 5 Pro Systems for Creative Technology, California.

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Project - UAE Pavilion - Milan Expo 2015 2015

The UAE Pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015 is a spectacular, media-rich environment. With imposing 12-feet curved walls inspired by incredibly beautiful curvilinear sand dunes. The walls enclose a winding ramp that leads you through an atmospheric valley towards a golden drum. But this is not just an experiential space, along the way intriguing media and Emirati ambassadors reveal magical stories about the UAE, its landscape and people, its food culture and the relationship of land, energy and water in producing food.

For More information on the UAE Pavilion please visit the website here.

DVS Remit

DVS were asked to supply a number of systems to support the end clients requirements, including video playback, audio servers and render servers.
The playback systems were required to run up to four outputs of uncompressed 1920x1200 video at 60 frames per second.
Some of the playback servers were used to run synchronised video across a large curved screen utilising five projectors blended together. As well as high quality 50fps content played back from 10 blended projectors onto a Musion screen utilising the "peppers ghost" effect to add a new depth the the media in the "future talk" section of the show. We also supplied systems to run content on many displays around the pavilion.

In addition to the playback systems, we were asked to supply systems that can import, render and output video to be used within the next show ( every 15 minutes ) to allow new and dynamic content to be added to each individual show for each group that comes through the Pavilion.


DVS Supplied

  • 22 x DVS 4U HYDRA 4 WatchOUT v6 PlayOUT SERVER

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