Latest News ( 08/09/15 )
DVS BladeHDs Deliver a Cutting Edge Exhibit - Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

Latest News ( 08/09/15 )
WatchOUT for the Rugby World Cup 2015

Latest News ( 08/09/15 )
DVS Launch the Razor LoPro v5

Latest News ( 23/10/14 )
New BladeHD Firmware now released

Latest News ( 24/09/14 )
Introducing the new DVS Client Area

Latest News ( 24/09/14 )
MST Hubs

Latest News ( 24/09/14 )
DVS Launch the Razor LoPro v4

Latest News ( 07/04/14 )
BrightSign To Release First 4K Digital Signage Product

Latest News ( 10/06/13 )
WatchOUT 5.5 is Released

Latest News ( 24/04/13 )
DVS appointed 7th Sense Delta Reseller

Latest News ( 17/01/13 )
BladeHD's used to celebrate 150th anniversary of the London Underground

Latest News ( 11/01/13 )
Final Testing of BladeHD Latest Firmware

Latest News ( 11/01/13 )
Special Discounted Pricing - BrightSign

Latest News ( 15/11/12 )
BrightSign to Launch Powerful New XD Product Range.

Latest News ( 15/11/12 )
DVS Build WatchOUT 5 Pro Systems for Creative Technology, California.

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Products - PlayBack Engines - Brightsign AU320


Brightsign AU320

The BrightSign AU320 is ideal for retail outlets and businesses that want to set a mood and create a positive auditory experience for their customers through networked commercial audio distribution and management. It is a scalable solution that enables everything from single-zone backgroundmusic with crossfading and mixing to dual-zone audio of standard playback thatintegrates with and complements even the most robust digital signageimplementations using intuitive playlists and scheduling.

The BrightSign AU320 can easily be synchronized with digital signage installations for a compelling audio/video experience. Playlist creation, presentation publishing and content management is simple using BrightAuthor software, included free of charge with every BrightSign player.

One of BrightSign's many networking solutions can be used to manage updates and keep audio content fresh and relevant.

BrightSign Model Comparison View


  • Acts as an audio distribution system for single-zone enhanced audio playback or dual-zone standard audio playback of music and messaging
  • Supports licensed and custom audio playlists
  • Effortless to use - simply build playlists in BrightAuthor and publish to an SD card or network
  • Offers scheduling of content playback to target messaging
  • Comprehensive audio format compatibility including MP2, MP3, AAC and WAV
  • Synchronizes with digital signage displays for cohesive audio/video experiences
  • USB port for DVD content update and button panel interactivity to activate the instant playback of a message or announcement
  • Network enabled for remote content updates
  • Compatible with mobile app integration and geofencing features to trigger audio playback - ideal for retail and tour bus applications

Products - PlayBack Engines - Brightsign AU320
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