Latest News ( 08/09/15 )
DVS BladeHDs Deliver a Cutting Edge Exhibit - Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

Latest News ( 08/09/15 )
WatchOUT for the Rugby World Cup 2015

Latest News ( 08/09/15 )
DVS Launch the Razor LoPro v5

Latest News ( 23/10/14 )
New BladeHD Firmware now released

Latest News ( 24/09/14 )
Introducing the new DVS Client Area

Latest News ( 24/09/14 )
MST Hubs

Latest News ( 24/09/14 )
DVS Launch the Razor LoPro v4

Latest News ( 07/04/14 )
BrightSign To Release First 4K Digital Signage Product

Latest News ( 10/06/13 )
WatchOUT 5.5 is Released

Latest News ( 24/04/13 )
DVS appointed 7th Sense Delta Reseller

Latest News ( 17/01/13 )
BladeHD's used to celebrate 150th anniversary of the London Underground

Latest News ( 11/01/13 )
Final Testing of BladeHD Latest Firmware

Latest News ( 11/01/13 )
Special Discounted Pricing - BrightSign

Latest News ( 15/11/12 )
BrightSign to Launch Powerful New XD Product Range.

Latest News ( 15/11/12 )
DVS Build WatchOUT 5 Pro Systems for Creative Technology, California.

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Products - Interactive Systems - DVS Kiosk Unit


DVS Kiosk Unit

The Kiosk unit delivers a comprehensive range of information services in a public access environment.
It features a high performance LCD display system with an interactive touch screen. Housed in the main body of the unit is a state-of-the-art multimedia computer, capable of delivering broadcast quality MPEG2 Video with a HTML based interactive Presentation. It also supports PowerPoint, Director and Flash formats. Occupying less than 0.1m2 of valuable floor space and its' unobtrusive styling makes it a please to use and avoids user reticence. It's design ensures that everyone from children to the tallest adult can use it with ease. It is manufactured from steel and cast aluminum making it one of the most robust solutions available. The unit is finished in hardwiring `Nextel` paint, and is easily customized to suit individual installations by changing the basic colors and adding special silk screening.

* All systems are completely customisable and hardware displayed are recommendations. Please speak to a member of DVS staff for any advice on Hardware recommendations


Products - Interactive Systems - DVS Kiosk Unit
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